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This is a lovely home with many international touches in decor, which were very enjoyable. The garden and view were a delight with orchids and azaleas in bloom, and the scrub Jays soon had me trained to provide peanuts. A very comfortable and relaxing stay and wonderful support from both the home owner and property manager. Δημοσιεύτηκε: 30 Μαρ Απάντηση ιδιοκτήτη: Martha was a gracious guest.

We hope she will return again to enjoy all that SLO has to offer.

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Perfect retreat weekend! Χρόνος διαμονής Φεβ Jill C.

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This home is delightful! My sister-in-law and I spent three nights here for a girls getaway, and this home was perfect. Exceeded expectations.

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It had everything we needed. Very clean. Spacious with roomy, comfortable seating areas inside.

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Comfortable beds. Fantastic little seating venues in the front and back yards. All perfectly private with gorgeous views of Bishop's Peak and surrounding rolling hills.

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Wonderful to see hawks soaring around. Πολύ λεπτό buyit in and check out were a breeze. Property management was great, providing fun recommendations for activities nearby. The house also had loads of info about the property and activities in and around SLO.

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We will definately be back! We look forward to their return visit. Welcoming, thougthful, fully equipped Χρόνος διαμονής Φεβ Kathy K.

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Our stay at this spacious property was convenient and very pleasant. The home is fully equipped and offers delightful surprises we didn't even know we wanted! The front and rear patios featuring several private seating areas, citrus trees and an herb garden added considerably to our comfort and enjoyment.

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Parking is on property and provide enough πολύ λεπτό buyit for at least 2 mid-sized cars. As our stay was in February, we were grateful for the indoor and outdoor and gas fireplaces, throws in the communal rooms, and additional bedding. Property manager, Heather, is wonderful and gave us all the tips, advice and support we needed. We cooked in almost every evening and although πολύ λεπτό buyit kitchen is chock full of conveniences two built-in-filter drip machines, toaster, microwave, food processor This meant that the cooking odors permeated through to the bedrooms, despite closed doors.

The smells lingered for quite some time. Πολύ λεπτό buyit bedrooms feature several luggage stands and plenty of closet space which we were grateful for. Unfortunately, both beds should be reviewed and possibly upgraded as they are significantly less than comfortable.

Bathrooms are well-equipped with consistent hot water and very good water pressure.

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Thursday mornings are busy at this property gardener and recycling pick-up but as guests we had no responsibility. The other mornings are completely serene!

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Δημοσιεύτηκε: 22 Φεβ Απάντηση ιδιοκτήτη: Kathy and her guests were people we would invite back again. We appreciated her thoughtful review and were delighted they enjoyed so many of the amenities of our home--and enjoyed their stay in SLO. December 28th stay Χρόνος διαμονής Δεκ Judith D.

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This is a lovely home to stay in for a trip to SLO. It has such a warm feeling to it. We loved all the different spaces.

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If this house went in the market and I could afford it, I would buy it! Neighbors friendly too! Δημοσιεύτηκε: 3 Ιαν